Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rob Told To Keep Out Of Pubs ?!

What is this !

Rob has been told by New Moon directors to stay out of the pubs. Instead of going out and drinking, he has to go to the gym !

I think its just another rumour to keep RPattz in the news. So for now I regard this story as fiction, but read up on it here.

Robert May Play Jeff Buckley

RPattz to play Jeff Buckley ? [Image from jeff buckley.com]

Image from limelife.com

Sources are saying that our beloved RPattz may be playing Jeff Buckley in an upcoming film.
Rob is up against James Franco for the role.
You guys may know Jeff Buckley for singing the song "Hallejuah"
Click here to read an article about it

RPattz Out With A Friend

Click Here to see some photos of Rob hanging out with a friend, looking rather nice I must say !
- Emma

"Twilight Scenes With Rob and Kristen Will Rip You To Shreds"

Taken from vancouversun.com

Taylor said the quote above. Read the article explaining the scenes here

More Rob and Kristen Rumours...

Image taken from thebosh.com

Are these annoying you as much as they are annoying me?
Just because two people are romantically involved on screen doesn't mean they are together off screen.
Robert and Kristen are the perfect example.
The article here says that Rob and Kristen have been spending nights together since filming began, like two friends can't do that. Click on the link above to keep reading about all the "proof" they have.
- Emma

Megan Fox Hooked Up With RPattz?

Image From EOnline.

Sources are saying that RPattz is the reason for Megan Fox's recent break up.

The Article Here goes on about proof relating to this, and the closeness between Rob and Megan.

Here at Sparkling Vampires, we believe this is journalists further proving just how bored they are. Its obvious to any Rob fan that this is just fiction.

- Ema